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Since 1976 we have offered a high quality service in translation, copy-editing, text management, publishing consultancy and graphic design.

Throughout this period we have developed and broadened our expertise, updating our skills and operational tools and using the latest technology to meet the requirements of our clients. We have also created a pool of selected free-lance collaborators that have been operating with us for several years.

This has enabled us to tailor our activity to the needs of large commercial companies, major publishers and advertising agencies.

Most of our orders are 'turn key', i.e. we take charge of the complete production process from manuscript or electronic file to a product ready to be published on the Web or sent to a tradiitional or digital printing process.

This process may involve some or all of the following: translation (if needed), copy-editing and proof-reading, graphic design and lay-out (where required) integrated with non textual elements (digitalized images), and the generation of the final medium for publication on the Web (HTM, HTML, XML, etc.) or for offset printing (PostScript or PDF files).

Of course, we can also offer the following individual services.

• Translation

As native speakers of Italian, we can guarantee translation into Italian from English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

The final files can be delivered in one of the most common formats produced by proper software, ready to be transferred to a professional desktop publishing (DTP) system. Whilst recognizing the usefulness of some CAT tools, we strongly believe that the skills of professional translators are irreplaceable.

Moreover we entered into partnership with professional native freelance translators to provide translation services in other main languages (e.g. Russian), assuring, in any case, confidentiality and non-disclosure requirements.

• Copyediting, proofreading and project management

Before being published on the Web or in print, texts need to be read for the reliability of the information they contain (with the prior agreement of the author), for faithfulness to the original text, if a translation, and for consistency of presentation and style. There then follow various stages of proofreading in order to eliminate any typographical errors. This is where our long editorial experience is particularly important. Electronic tools may be suitable for some purposes, but there is no substitute for the professional expertise of copy-editors and proofreaders.

• Graphic design/concept, typesetting and multilingual DTP

Since 1980, computer science applied to desktop publishing and graphics has made giant leaps. As previously mentioned, we have always kept up with innovations, in order to reach an operating standard that, today, allows us to offer our clients whatever solutions and services they may need in this field.

• Text-image integration

By using appropriate software, we can correctly integrate text and graphics, whether they are images or other elements that are part of the text.

In order to offer the above services, we have equipped our studio with the following:

• Text management

In view of their compatibility, versatility and penetration of the market of text management, we have chosen to operate with most common and recognised word-processors. This allows us to manage and integrate texts, charts and databases.

• Graphic concept and multilingual lay-out (DTP)

Here too we have chosen a widely-used software that, thanks to their versatility, have became standard in this field for both Windows and Mac platforms.

• Graphic processing

In order to meet the demands of the market, we have adopted the best-known graphics and image-processing software for Windows platform.

This brief introduction cannot give a full picture of the complete satisfaction we have given to our publishing, commercial and advertising agency clients, but, if contractual obligations allow, we are always ready to quote examples to prospective clients.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on our services and availability.